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Related post: Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 12:09:00 -0800 From: Tom Baxter Subject: Pensacola - 8This story is fantasy. It never happened. If it is illegal or inappropriate for you to read this, don't.Any similarities between the mentoring organization mentioned in this story and any actual organization is purely coincidental. The author is not stating or implying anything about any organization.This story is the property of the author. The author encourages others to read it, download it, and even print it for their own use. illegal incest toplist Any toplist child sex commercial use, mass reproduction or reposting to another website, however, would require permission from the author in advance.Copyright 2009--------------------------------- Pensacola - Chapter 8 ---------------------------------Josh awoke to the sound of waves crashing upon the sands of Navarre Beach. He had left the sliding glass door open to the master bedroom at the beach home of Peter Van Stevens the night before. He had driven in from his Tie Cutting ceremony at about 10pm. He stopped drinking early in the evening in preparation for teen sex toplist his drive to the beach. He was confused that the Navy had so many alcohol related events that they practically required his participation in and yet they threatened to ground him permanently if he got caught with alcohol in his system on the highway. It seemed to him like a `Catch-22'.Josh went to the kitchen and found an ice-cold bottle of water, which he took out onto the ocean-view deck to enjoy. The beach homes on this barrier island were built on stilts with large decks around the living areas. This was to protect the homes during hurricanes when the storm surge would completely submerge the island as the ocean poured across it into the intercoastal waterway.It was the beginning of a beautiful day. toplist of nude teen There wasn't a cloud to be seen anywhere, but Josh realized it was just a matter of time before they would begin to form. He wandered into the bedroom to retrieve his running shoes from his bag.Josh locked nude pics toplist the house up tight and tied the key onto his shoelace. He left his shirt behind and started out onto the beach in just his Nike running shorts. Josh ran down onto the wet sand, just off the surf as it was a more stable running surface and he headed east into the morning sun."Man, I wish I could run out here every day!" thought Josh. The soft sand cushioned each impact of his feet and the setting was superb for zoning out. Josh had been running for about a half hour when he reached a high barbed wire fence crossing the beach down to the water. A sign on the fence stated: "No Trespassing US Military Installation Eglin AFB". Josh knew that Eglin Air Force Base covered most of the land east of Pensacola bay, but he didn't realize that it went all the way down to the beach. "Well, I guess this is my turn-around point" Josh thought to himself as he made a u-turn and started running back down the beach to the west.Josh ran through his plan for the weekend in his head. After he got showered, he would drive into Pensacola and get Brandon. Then he wanted to take him for a little shopping. He wanted the guys to be impressed by Brandon on Sunday. He knew he couldn't show-off Brandon to his buddies the way they paraded their girl friends in front of him, but if everyone thought Brandon was super cool, then Josh felt like he might get some of the same satisfaction.When he arrived back at the house he considered running past it and getting a little longer run in, but suddenly he wanted to get on with his day. He ran up the stairs to the deck before leaning down to untie the key from his shoe.After Josh showered, he text Brandon: "hey! what time can i pick u up?" Brandon replied back: "mom wants u to come for lunch, sorry". "no prob, what time?" Josh text back. He realized that some quality face time with Jane was probably a good idea before he grabbed Brandon away for the weekend. "how bout 1030? ill get mom to make an dark cp toplist toplist dark teen early lunch, then we can get goin!" "k, cya at 1030" Josh replied. asien sex toplist japan It was already bout 9:00, so he started getting ready to go.Josh arrived at the trailer a few minutes early, but Brandon was already eagerly watching for him and met him at the car door anyway. "God I missed you Josh!" "Ya, Brandon sweetie, I missed you too" Josh replied. Jane stepped out onto the deck and called across the yard "Josh, how nice to see you!" Josh smiled and waved as he and Brandon started up towards the trailer. "It's good to see you toplist cartoon porno too maam" Josh greeted her."Well thank you for coming for lunch, I just thought you boys should have a good meal before you go off on your adventure... you might forget to eat!" Jane laughed a little. "So Josh, Brandon said you had some sort of ceremony last night?" she inquired. "Yes maam, it was called a `Tie-Cutting', it was to recognize my first solo flight" Josh explained. "Solo!" Jane exclaimed. "That's quite an accomplishment!" "Yes maam, it was very exciting" replied Josh."So what do you boys have planned for the weekend?" asked Jane. Josh knew that Brandon had explained their plans to her in detail, so he wasn't sure now if she was just making small talk or if she was checking up on what Brandon had told her. "Well, my friend asked me to house-sit his beach home this weekend, so I figured that Brandon and I can play in the ocean all afternoon today and then tomorrow my Navy flight class is having a beach volleyball party, so then we get to go hang with them too.""They won't mind incestsex toplist having a teenager hanging around?" Jane questioned. "No, as a matter of fact they specifically asked me to invite him, and besides we're all pretty much just big teen-agers ourselves" Josh laughed in reply. "Why did they specifically invite Brandon?" Jane was curious. "They think it's cool that I have taken this project on and I think they all want to do some mentoring!" Josh laughed. "Brandon might get more advice than he wants!" Josh added. Jane laughed. "Well I think it's just an outstanding environment for him. Like I told you before, he has not had much male influence in his life" said Jane. "Well, he's certainly gonna get plenty of that this weekend!" Josh laughed.Jane quizzed Brandon twice on the items that he needed to pack for his trip. "And did you remember to pack your toothbrush?" "Ya mom, I already told you I did!" complained Brandon. ls teen toplist "Ok honey, you just have a great time! Call me if you need me" Jane kissed Brandon as she hugged him tightly. Josh said goodbye as well and they climbed into the Beamer."God, I thought we'd never get out of there!" exclaimed Brandon. "Ya she was acting like you've never gone on an overnight trip before!" agreed Josh. "Well I haven't, cept going round the corner to spend the night at Steve's" Brandon confessed. "Whoa, then we gotta make sure it's memorable!" said Josh. He was constantly surprised at the experiences that Brandon was not afforded as a child, but at least now he understood why.They hopped on the freeway headed southbound. "Brandon, do you think it would be cool if we did a little shopping?" "Sure Josh, go wherever you need to go" Brandon replied. "Would you like to get some cool stuff to wear to the beach party tomorrow?" Josh suggested, a little concerned that Brandon might think that he was judging him. "That would be awesome Josh! Would you do that for me? I'd really like to look good at that party." "You bet buddy, we'll stop at Cordova Mall, they got some good stores there.""You know what I could really use Josh?" "What's that sweetie?" Josh replied. "I really need a haircut" Brandon said with his head hanging down. Josh was elated. Brandon had been looking kind of ratty, but he wasn't about to suggest that to him. "You bet buddy! We'll find a salon at the mall." "Shit I normally just go to the corner barber for the $4 cut" said Brandon. "You have that long beautiful hair Brandon, a stylist will be able to give you a really cool cut that will make you even hotter than you already are!" Josh argued. "Ok, you sold me!" Brandon eagerly agreed.They shopped at Aeropostale and Hollister buying Brandon a really cool pair of Board Shorts, a graphic tee, a muscle shirt, and at Josh's insistence, a couple pairs of boxer briefs. "I want some new underwear to rub your cock through!" Josh joked.They found a salon and discussed Brandon's desires as well as Josh's suggestions with an obviously gay male hair stylist. Brandon still wanted pretty long hair, but figured he could lose two or three inches. The stylist was excited to work with such a beautiful head sweet teen russian toplist of hair on such a gorgeous boy and understood Josh's desire to make Brandon just as hot as he could be.When he finished and turned Brandon's chair around for him to look in the mirror, Brandon couldn't believe what he saw! He had never had a haircut like this. It was cutting edge modern that would suggest gay to the trained eye, but just looked cool to everyone else. After thanking the stylist, Brandon thanked Josh with a hug and a kiss right there in the booth. Brandon too, had picked up on the homo vibe of the stylist and knew that he wouldn't care.Brandon was feeling a new confidence as he climbed into the Beamer. "Josh, why didn't you get anything? We came here for you" asked Brandon. "No lil buddy, we actually came here for you, and you look awesome!" Josh replied. Brandon felt a deep love. Josh had gotten him some things to make sure he would feel comfortable at the party and Josh had skillfully not made Brandon feel bad about himself as they did it."Josh, can I change my clothes in the car as we're drivin?" Brandon asked. He just couldn't wait until they got all the way to the beach to add his clothes to his new look. "Sure dude, why don't you wait till we get back on the freeway though" Josh was pleased that Brandon was so thrilled with their purchases. Brandon stripped totally naked, as he wanted to put on the new secret angel porn toplist underwear as well. Josh enjoyed the show and laughed as Brandon thrust his hips up into the view of other motorists as he pulled his new boxer briefs up. Brandon then realized what he was doing and said "Oh shit! Well, I guess they got a show!"They had to endure the traffic jam on the three-mile bridge again as it was now Saturday afternoon and everybody wanted to go to the beach. "So how was your flight yesterday?" Brandon asked. Josh excitedly told him all about it "God, it was so cool Brandon, you don't even know! Normally I fly with this dude who screams and yells at me every minute until I stress-out and screw up... and then he yells at me even more! But yesterday, it was just me, the airplane, and the sky!" Josh smiled as he relived the experience in his mind."Gee, that sounds cool! Did you do any loop-the-loops or barrel rolls or anything cool like that?" "No, buddy. They start teachin me that stuff next week. Right now I was just learning how to fly the airplane, land it, and handle emergencies" Josh explained. "Cool, so what did ya do up there?" Brandon was curious. "I flew all the way out to Mobile Bay and flew over the top of an old fort down there, and then I buzzed the beach all the way back to Gulf Shores!" Josh recounted his flight. "Mobile! You went all the way over to Mobile? Cool!" Mobile happened to be one of the few places Brandon had 12yo toplist links been outside of Pensacola, he was pleased that he could relate to something Josh was talking about.30 minutes later they were driving down Santa Rosa Island towards Navarre Beach. "Boy this place is a ways out, huh Josh?" "Ya, Brandon it is, but wait til you see it, it is sooo cool!"They pulled up to the house and actually parked the BMW beneath it. "Whoa, it's up on teen toplist 12yo old posts!" commented Brandon. "Ya, that keeps it dry during storms" said Josh. They climbed the stairs to the outer deck and opened the front door. The entry way led into a living room with a vaulted ceiling. The entire back wall of the house was glass, 15 feet high, looking out over the white sand beach and the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico. They went through a sliding glass door and stepped out onto the deck. Brandon ran up to the rail and looked down at the beach. "Josh, this is the Bomb!" "I knew you would like it!" Josh smiled.Josh looked at Brandon standing there in his new clothes and his stylish haircut. "You look really, really hot Brandon!" said Josh. "Ya Josh, I think I do too, thanks so much!" said Brandon as he reached out and pulled Josh into a hug. "And we got the whole weekend, just the two of us!" said Brandon dreamily. "Ya, and that teenteen toplist weekend is quickly running out on us, so let's get to enjoying it!" suggested Josh.Pete had a closet that was filled with beach toys. "Can we use these?" Brandon said excitedly pointing to a pair of boogie boards that he came across in there. "I don't think the waves are big enough for any serious riding, but they might be fun" said Josh. They grabbed a couple of towels and went down to the beach.Josh ran a ways into the surf and jumped onto the board as he reached thigh deep. Brandon was still standing back in knee-deep water watching him. "Come on teenie gallery toplist Brandon! It's fun!" yelled Josh. Brandon stood looking into the water apprehensively. "Dude, are you lookin for jelly fish?" asked Josh. "Ya" replied Brandon. "You know Brandon, I don't wanna get stung either, japan naked toplist but I think that was kind of a freak thing... we can't let that ruin our weekend here, k?"They paddled their boogie boards out beyond the last set of tumbling breakers and Josh pushed his board down between his legs and sat up on it. "How'd you do that?" asked Brandon. "Just grab it at the top with both hands and push it down" instructed Josh. Brandon fell off once before managing to get his whole body up onto the board. "Fuck, I got my hair wet" complained Brandon. "We're swimming dude! Ur gonna get wet!" Josh laughed. "But shit ur teensex toplist hair looks hot even wet dude!" Josh added. He wished he had a camera, Brandon looked like the quintessential surfer boy atop his board out in the waves."Come here" said Josh. They both paddled a little to bring their boards side by side. Josh then leaned over and kissed Brandon. They had to work a little to stay balanced on top of their boards as they drove their tongues into each other's mouths. "Now let's see what we can do on these things!" Josh suggested. He flopped his chest flat onto the board and started paddling. Brandon smiled and followed behind him. The waves were small, but they would start breaking toplist incest art 3d way out and would tumble toplist virtual 3d sex all the way to the beach. If they could catch the waves just right, and keep the board on the leading nudism toplist edge of the wave, they could ride it all the way in.Josh tried paddling just as a wave approached. His board rose over the wave and fell down the backside. "You gotta start paddling sooner!" suggested Brandon. They both tried catching a few more waves and failed. Then Brandon saw the biggest wave they had seen yet coming towards him. "Look at that one!" yelled Brandon. "You're in the right spot, catch it dude!" Josh yelled back.Brandon started paddling with all the effort he could muster. He felt the back of board rising as the wave approached him. When he reached the top of the wave Brandon leaned up on his elbows pushing the front of the board down onto the face of the wave and he started moving with it. "Yahoo!" Brandon screamed. "Ride it dude!" Josh hollered over the sound of the surf. Brandon stayed on the tumbling edge of the wave until his board hit sand and stopped abruptly. He rolled forward off the board onto the beach."That was fuckin shit hot!" Brandon yelled as he stood up looking for Josh. Josh had just caught a wave as well and was shooting towards the beach himself. "Ya, that's great!" Josh agreed as he stood up and started back into the surf. "Let's go catch some more!" suggested Brandon as he ran past him. They spent the next couple of toplist sex free teen hours paddling out and riding wave after wave in. They were having a really great time together!Finally, Josh got dumped on the beach by another wave and just rolled over on his back exhausted to watch Brandon, as he too was inbound. When Brandon made landfall, he walked down the beach to Josh and plopped onto the sand next to him. "Whew! That takes a lot out of you!" said Brandon. Josh smiled and looked at his boyfriend. The sun was low in the western sky now and was behind Brandon. Josh was looking at Brandon in silhouette, his hair framing his head. Josh leaned up and put a hand behind Brandon's head, pulling his face towards his.They kissed. Brandon's hand rested on Josh's chest and his thumb found a nipple to rub as his tongue was sucked into Josh's mouth. Suddenly a large wave hit the beach and about eight inches of water rushed past their bodies. "Fuck!" Brandon laughed. As the water rushed back out to sea it carried them both a couple of feet before leaving them grounded once again. "Shit! That wave filled my shorts full of sand!" Josh complained. "Me too!" giggled Brandon."Let's go shower this sand off" suggested Josh. They carried their boards up the beach towards the house. Pete had an outdoor shower at the base of the stairs to keep the sand on the beach where it belonged. They showered and toweled themselves off before climbing back up to the deck.They cleaned up and got ready for dinner. Josh was taking Brandon to a nice seafood restaurant called Flounders. Brandon changed back into old clothes and suddenly didn't feel so special anymore. Josh could see the change on Brandon's face. "Are teeny gallery toplist you thinkin that we shoulda bought something to wear to dinner too, buddy?" Josh asked. "No teen 14yo toplist everything's cool" Brandon replied unconvincingly. "You can borrow one of my shirts for dinner if ya want" Josh suggested. "K" said Brandon. Brandon chose one of lotita toplist Josh's polo shirts. It was a bit baggy on him but still he looked very preppy. Brandon was pleased; he was ready to go out now.The restaurant was a lot fancier than any place Brandon had ever been to before. His place setting had six pieces of silver ware, a wine glass, and a cloth napkin. Brandon, however, thought the whole restaurant smelled kind of fishy and he wasn't too excited when he looked into the menu. It was filled with dishes that he was not 3d cartoon adult toplist familiar with such as escargot, calamari, and mahi mahi. "What kind of sea food do you like?" Josh asked. "I like shrimp" Brandon replied. "And tiny teen toplist how about garlic and butter?" Josh inquired. "Ya, that's all cool" Brandon answered. "Then order the Shrimp Scampi, you'll love it" Josh suggested. Josh ordered a swordfish steak for himself.Brandon was very toplist portal teen happy with the scampi. He grabbed each tail and drug it back and forth through the sauce to try and get as toplist new sex pic much on each piece of shrimp as possible. His hands became very greasy and as he wiped them on his napkin he commented to Josh "I feel like I'm wiping my hands on the curtains here." Josh laughed "Ya, sometimes you feel guilty wiping such a greasy mess on such a nice napkin, huh?"Josh put his arm around Brandon's shoulder as they toplist incest cartoon walked back to the car. Brandon looked up at his boy friend "Thanks Josh, that was probably the best meal I've ever had." "I'm glad you liked it!" said Josh as he leaned over and kissed Brandon on the head.When they got back to the beach house, Josh cracked a couple of beers and brought them out onto the deck. Brandon was lying on a chaise lounge enjoying the stars and the sound of the surf. Josh had lit a real child porn toplist row of tiki torches along the railing that cast a warm orange glow over the deck. "Here ya go buddy" said Josh as he handed Brandon a cold one. "Thanks dude" Brandon replied. They downed a few beers as they enjoyed the atmosphere of the deck and talked about life from their own perspectives."So what is ur dream Brandon, what do you want in life?" Josh asked. "I kinda like the ocean" Brandon replied. "As long as its been cleared of jelly fish!" Josh joked. chilporn toplist "Ya!" Brandon agreed. "But, I would like to work maybe on one of those off-shore oil rigs, or maybe on a fishing boat, or you know what would really be cool... would be to work with dolphins" Brandon explained. "Dolphins, cumshot toplist that sounds neat" said Josh."Ya, like that's ever gonna happen!" said Brandon. "What do you mean?" asked Josh. "I mean I aint ever gonna get to do something cool like that" Brandon sounded disappointed. "Shit Brandon... there are dolphin trainers, right?" "Ya" Brandon agreed. "That means some people have to become dolphin trainers, right? Why should it be anyone else more than you?" Josh reasoned. "I used to think that same thing about aircraft carrier pilots" said Josh. "Then one day I realized that somebody has to fly those jets, and I decided to figure out how those cartoon incest 3d toplist guys got where they were so I could follow in their steps" he added."That sounds logical" Brandon pondered "but, that all takes education, money and good grades" he added. "Well good grades are certainly within your control. You're 3d adult tgp toplist so smart! maxwells angels toplist Look at what you did with that math quiz the other hardcore preeteen toplist day, and you hate math!" Josh encouraged. "Ok, but then what about the money?" Brandon threw out another obstacle. "Where there's a will, there's a way dude. Some people just end up working harder than others for the same thing you just gotta be willing to work for it" said Josh."It just seems to me that it's easy for you to say Josh, you grew up in a house where dreams were big and anything was possible, I grew up dreaming that we might just be able keep our home or that I might one day have a little more time with innocent girls toplist my mom" said Brandon. "Rise above it dude! My grandfather toplist on nonnude always told me not to be afraid of hard work" said Josh. "He said that everybody inevitably ends up working hard in this world and the difference between them is those people that work hard for something versus those people that work hard for nothing." Brandon digested this and realized that Josh was simply telling him that he could accomplish just as much as he was willing to work for, no more, no less.Josh put out his hand and invited Brandon to join him on his lounge. Brandon sat between Josh's legs and leaned comfortably against his chest. Josh wrapped his arms around his boy and felt lucky to have him. He rested his chin down onto Brandon's head."Thanks for inviting me out here. I wish every day could be like today" said Brandon. "Ya, it was a pretty cool day" Josh agreed. They looked up into the sky and admired the vastness of the stars and outer space as the sound of the ocean kept them grounded there on earth.Josh could feel the beat of Brandon's heart and recalled back to that day at the mall when he first perceived Brandon's vulnerabilities. Now that he had him here in his arms, he never wanted to let this boy go. He wished that Brandon could live with him and that every evening could be just like this one.After a while, Josh shifted and suggested that Brandon get up and follow him into the bedroom. They left the door open as Josh had the night before so that the sound of the surf was still with them. Josh gently kissed Brandon before lifting his shirt over his head. Brandon lifted Josh's shirt as well. They lay down on the bed lightly kissing and feeling each other's bodies. The flickering light of the tiki torches danced on the walls of the bedroom.Josh reached up to Brandon's face lifted a lock of hair and tucked it behind his ear. His hand came forward and caressed his cheek and Brandon turned his head to kiss Josh's hand. "I love you Brandon more than you even know" said Josh. Brandon smiled, leaned forward and rested his face on Josh's chest."I think we're ready for that next step" suggested Josh. "What do you mean?" asked Brandon. "I want you to fuck me" said Josh. "You want me to fuck you??" Brandon inquired confused. "Ya, honey, till we figure out how it all works and how much it's gonna hurt, I just can't do it to you, I want you to fuck me." "Oh, ok" said Brandon. "What do I do?" he added.Josh retrieved his condoms and lube from his bag and grabbed a couple of towels out of the bathroom. "First I gotta really get my ass lubed up" said Josh. He squeezed a bunch of lube out onto his middle finger tpg toplist and started rubbing his asshole with it. Then he began to penetrate, pushing the lube up into his hole. "Here, let me" Brandon suggested. Brandon did the same, only with his index finger. He was intrigued by the velvety smoothness german teen toplist and warmth of Josh's hole. He was rock hard with anticipation knowing that soon, he was going to be able to push his cock deep into it.Josh grabbed a condom packet and tore it open. "Since neither of us has ever done this before, is that really necessary?" asked Brandon. "Maybe we should just start forming good habits now" Josh suggested. He placed it over the head of Brandon's penis and toplist kiddie cum unrolled it down its length. Josh then squirted his hand full of lube and wrapped his hand around Brandon's cock getting it good and slick. Brandon shivered at the pleasure of his grip.Josh lay on his back and put his rear up on a pillow as he raised his legs exposing his well-lubed hole to Brandon. Brandon inched forward on his knees placing his hands on Josh's legs, behind his knees. Brandon placed the head of his rock hard cock against the puckered surface of Josh's anus and pushed just hard enough for the head to gain entry. "Aaah!" Josh cried. Brandon boy toplist sex immediately pulled out. "No dude, stay in me, I told you it was gonna hurt a bit. When I'm in pain, just stop pushing in for a moment, but don't pull out, k?" They continued.Brandon couldn't believe how tight Josh's ass felt around his dick. This was better cp toplist turk than any wet dream he had ever had. He was so sexually excited that he had to think about non-sexual things nude toplist vombat to keep from shooting his load right there and ending this amazing forced sex underground toplist experience before it even really got started.He slowly pushed and then paused. Josh would grimace momentarily as each new inch of his rectum was invaded, and then as he recovered he would lightly pull his fingers around Brandon's tight smooth ass directing him to push deeper. Finally, Josh felt Brandon's pubic hair under his balls and knew that Brandon was all of the way into him."Now start slowly fucking me, in and out" instructed Josh. Brandon lotia toplist complied and his hips began an instinctual rhythmic motion pulling his cock almost all the way out of Josh's ass before plunging it back in as far as he could get it to go. Josh was really beginning to toplist russian teen enjoy the experience as well. He loved the feeling of his insides being filled with the hard cock of this beautiful boy that he loved so much.At Josh's encouragement, Brandon began pumping harder and faster, he began to break a sweat in the humid warmth of the evening. His cock was in heaven! It was toplist porn ru tightly wrapped by the warmest, smoothest hole that Brandon could imagine, and the fact that it was Josh's litle cuties toplist ass almost made it impossible to hold back his inevitable orgasm. Brandon affectionately pumped away; Josh's hands were up around Brandon's narrow hips as they moved back and forth between Josh's legs.Josh reached up and pulled Brandon's head towards his. Brandon removed his hands from Josh's legs and Brandon's chest rested on the backs of Josh's thighs as Josh's knees went up over Brandon's shoulders. Their mouths met and Josh sucked Brandon's tongue into his lips. Brandon's hips kept pushing his teen meat in and out of Josh's ass as his tongue fucked Josh's mouth.Suddenly Brandon couldn't take teen toplist nu it any longer and he pushed deeper than he had on any previous stroke as he deposited his seed into Josh. Brandon shot with such force that Josh could feel each spurt despite the condom; it made him feel warm inside. Brandon eventually stopped his thrusts and lay collapsed alphasex toplist on Josh's chest. Josh held his arms tight around his boyfriend still enjoying the feeling of his now wilting cock stretching his ass hole.Brandon leaned up and looked at Josh in the eye. They smiled at each other before kissing. After a few minutes Brandon slid his now soft penis out of Josh. "Let's be careful with that condom. Since we're fucking in someone else's bedroom, we don't wanna make a mess!" Josh suggested. "This place is so cool, I bet this isn't the first time this room has witnessed some fucking!" Brandon chuckled. "Ya I'm sure you're right, but it might the first time this room has seen what we just did!" said Josh as they both laughed.Josh suggested that they step into the shower to rinse off the lube, sweat and residue of their lovemaking. Now, this was a sexual environment that Brandon was familiar with. After they cleaned themselves, he eagerly got on his knees in the shower and blew Josh to orgasm as the warm water poured over the top of them. Josh was amazed that Brandon stayed on his cock even as he warned him of his impending ejaculation. Josh enjoyed how the intense feeling built up all the way to his orgasm without the normal interruption of being jerked off for the last few seconds. He pulled Brandon up into a kiss and tasted some of his own cum from Brandon's mouth."Why did you do that dude? I thought you didn't like cum in ur mouth" Josh asked. "I'll tell you bout that when we get out of the shower" said Brandon. Josh's curiosity was peaked as they dried themselves off. Josh went out on the deck and blew out the torches before climbing into bed. Brandon joined him after taking a piss. "So what is this you have to tell me?" Josh asked eagerly.Brandon began "Well, I hope you don't get mad, but I got pissed at Steve for calling me a fag, so I beat him up and made topkds toplist him suck my dick." Josh cracked up. "You made Steve suck ur cock!!! That's awesome! How'd he do?" "Well that's the thing, even straight Steve sucked my cock to the end and swallowed my load. He said that he thought that was the way it was supposed to be done. So when it came my turn to suck him, I did the same and decided that it wasn't that bad" said Brandon."So is he through calling you a fag then?" Josh asked. "No, now he just says that we can both call each other fag" Brandon replied disappointedly. "Fuckin Steve! That boy's got issues" Josh laughed. "So ur not mad that I did it with Steve?" Brandon asked worriedly. "Na, I think it's cool if we have a little fun on the side, just as long as we remember where the love and the relationship is, right?" Josh answered. They hugged each other tightly."Ya, Steve even told me afterwards that he loved me, but he wasn't in-love with me an after I thought bout it I realized I felt the same way about him" said Brandon. "That's cool" agreed Josh. "So, Steve sucks cock! That brings up all kinds of interesting possibilities, doesn't it?" Josh thought out loud. "What do ya mean?" asked Brandon. "Oh never mind sweetie" Josh said as he kissed Brandon on the forehead.Josh pulled Brandon's bare body into his chest and curled his legs back in behind his. This was the first time that they could just relax and fall asleep together; they wouldn't have to get up for one of them to go home. Their contentment led to a deep restful sleep during which they hardly moved. They awoke Sunday morning in almost the same position.Brandon came to consciousness as he realized that the rhythmic sound of the waves crashing on the beach was real and not just part of a dream. From the color of the daylight entering the room, he could tell that it was just after sunrise. The coastal morning air was cool and he felt the warmth of Josh's chest against his back. He reached up to touch Josh's hand as it was draped over his side. That little bit of stimulation stirred Josh a bit as well and he pulled Brandon in closer against his body.Brandon had never felt happiness like this before. Not just the happiness of this exquisite moment, but the happiness that had come into his life since he met Josh. There was nowhere in the world he wanted to be more than where he was right now and he simply wasn't familiar with this feeling. He closed his eyes df child toplist and realized that his true dream in life was for this, that he had right now, to continue forever.Josh started to wake up a couple of hours later. He felt the smooth warmth of Brandon's body up against his. "Man I would love to wake up like this every morning!" he thought to himself. He ran his hand down Brandon's chest to his groin. He lightly fondled Brandon's limp dick. "Shit I don't think I've ever felt this thing when it hasn't been rock hard!" he thought. Within a few seconds, he noted that it would soon be hard again as it was beginning to firm up. "I guess I'm just not allowed to enjoy flaccid cock" he chuckled to himself.He adjusted himself a little so that he could kiss Brandon's neck and shoulders. Brandon began reacting to his movements and Josh could tell that he was now awake. Josh rolled Brandon flat on his back and leaned over the top of him. As he looked at Brandon's bright smiling face he knew it was going to be a good day, how could any day not be perfect with this boy by his side?"I want you to fuck me" said Brandon. "Right now?" asked Josh. "Ya, I really want to feel you in me right now" Brandon replied. "You know Brandon, it was awesome, but it really did hurt" Josh said concerned. "I'm not a total pussy! Give me some credit, I can handle it!" Brandon shot back.So they repeated the procedure that worked for them the night before only this time Brandon was the one with his legs in the air with his sweet warm hole exposed. Josh loosened him up with two fingers after using one finger to lube his ass. Brandon showed some discomfort, but managed it fine, so Josh decided to go to three fingers."Whatcha fuckin doin? Shoving ur whole hand in there?" Brandon half laughed and half cried. "No sweetie, I just want you to be ready for it" Josh explained. "I don't think ur cock is quite as big as you think it is" Brandon joked, "Whatcha gonna shove in there next, that baseball bat over there?" he continued."Ok, ok, I get your point" Josh agreed that prep time was over and it was time for the real thing. He placed the head of his well-lubed cock against Brandon's sphincter and pushed enough to gain entrance for his cock head. "Aaah! Ok, so you are pretty big, just give me a second here" Brandon begged for a moment to rest. As the expression on Brandon's face relaxed, Josh pushed in a little more. Once again Brandon requested some time to get used to the invasion. Josh inched forward and then rested a half dozen more times before all seven inches of his cock was buried in Brandon's ass."That's it lil dude! You got it all, how does it feel?" Josh asked. "It hurts, but its sooo good too!" Brandon whimpered. Josh pulled his hips back slightly pulling maybe an inch of his cock out of toplist kdz Brandon, and then he pushed it small angels toplist back in. "Oh ya Josh, start fucking me, that felt so good!" Josh complied, gently at first with short strokes and then as Brandon got used to it and begged for more he began cp toplist to pound him harder."Let's change positions!" suggested Brandon. "Ok dude, what do you want to do?" Josh replied not realizing that Brandon was going to get totally into this and take over. "Doggie style!" Brandon announced as he turned over and rose to his knees and poked out his bottom. Josh was between his legs looking down at this tight delicious ass and had no problem sinking his cock back into it. He leaned forward and kissed Brandon's back and neck as he pumped. Brandon turned his head and torso just enough that they could get their lips on each other's for just a moment.Josh had actually fucked a couple of girls in his life, but now he couldn't imagine how any guy would want to fuck a girl comparing that experience to this one. Brandon's ass was so trim and tight, and it squeezed beastiality toplist Josh's cock so intensely that it gave him a feeling that was simply beyond description. He grabbed Brandon's narrow hips with both hands and pulled his ass in to meet each pelvic thrust."FUCK ME!!!" a voice broke Josh's concentration and as kiddy incest toplist he spun around, there stood Brad! "HOLY FUCK!!!!" screamed Josh as he pulled out of Brandon's ass. Brandon looked back both astonished and horrified. "Brad, fuckin go into the living room and I'll meet you in there in a minute!" Josh yelled. Brad left the room.Josh and Brandon looked at each other with wide eyes, neither of them able to speak. Josh was visualizing his dreams and career disappearing before his eyes. He pulled on his shorts and with one last scared look at Brandon walked into the living room."Brad, it's not what you think" Josh started. "I don't know what you think I'm beast sex toplist thinking!" Brad replied "But I think I know what I just saw!" he added. "Let me explain" said Josh. shy toplist "Fuck! Is that your kid brother from that mentor club?" Brad laughed. "That's pretty fuckin cocky! Gettin yourself a piece of boy ass like that!" Brad continued."NO!! That's not how it is Brad, you've gotta let me explain!" pleaded Josh. "Josh, don't get pathetic on me and try voyeur tgp toplist to give me some ridiculous explanation, Fuck! I saw it with my own eyes; your cock was buried so far up that boy's ass he could feel it in his throat!" Brad chuckled. "Fuck Brad! I'm begging you! Please don't tell!" Josh was actually crying now. Brandon could hear this exchange from the other room and was terrified."Calm down buddy, calm down!" Brad patted Josh on the back as Josh sobbed. "I'm not gonna tell anybody, fuck, lookin at that boy's ass, given the opportunity I woulda fucked it too!" Brad consoled. "You toplist teen 16 woulda?" Josh looked up at his masculine Marine friend in amazement. "Fuck ya, I aint gay, but a piece of ass is a piece of ass and from what I saw that was a pretty nice one" Brad laughed. "Ya, it is pretty nice" Josh agreed drying his eyes."What the fuck are you doing here anyway?" Josh demanded. "Fuck when I saw your car, I was gonna ask you the same thing" said Brad. "Pete asked me to housesit while he was in New Orleans with Ashley because there's been a lot of break-ins round here lately" Josh explained. "Well, I came down pink toplist to Pensacola Beach with Mark and Tim this morning to stake our claim for the prime volleyball spot and then I decided to come down here and get Pete's volleyball as a backup in case we lose one or pop it or somethin" Brad explained in return."Well, you saw my car, you could have knocked or called or somethin" Josh complained. "Fuck, I figured you were in here alone, I came in to wake you up or scare you or something, I don't know" Brad defended his unannounced entry. "The last thing I thought I would find is Josh Scott sinkin his meat into some sweet boy ass!" Brad laughed. Josh got mad "Brad, it aint fuckin funny! You gotta keep your mouth shut on this!""Fuckin simmer down dude, I'm not tellin anyone! As a matter of fact, maybe you should give me the details on that club an I might go down and get me a little brother too" Brad suggested. "Brad! That's fucked up! First of all if you went down there lookin for a nice piece of ass, Murphy's law would guarantee that they would assign you some nasty ass kid that you wouldn't fuck with Mark's dick, and Second... going to the Big Brother club simply lookin for a boy to fuck is just sick!" Josh scolded. "Well that's what you're doin!" Brad defended himself. "No, it's not! I did not go down there lookin for a piece of ass Brad! What Brandon and I have goin is something completely different" Josh explained."Ok, ok!" said Brad. "Now let's go find you that ball, so you can get the hell outta here" Josh suggested. "Cool" Brad agreed. "Now when Brandon and I come down to the party this afternoon, you're not gonna make this difficult on us are you?" Josh questioned. "Why should I do that, I got no problem with either of you. If anything I'm a little envious!" Brad reasoned. "Well I just know how you can be kind of an asshole... I just wanna make sure you don't suggest anything sexual or somethin that might get anyone lookin at us too carefully" Josh explained his concern. "No dude, your secret is safe with me, I will consider that subject off limits" Brad replied. "Thanks bud, I appreciate that!" said Josh.With that, Brad left and Josh and Brandon once again had their privacy. "Fuck! That sucked, I just never considered the possibility of anyone showin up here" Josh complained. "Shit, I was scared, I didn't know what was going to happen!" said Brandon. "Well, we still got a few hours, so let's climb back prteen toplist into bed and calm down" Josh suggested."Josh, I'm kinda scared to go to the party now" said Brandon. "No, don't worry bout it buddy, it will be cool... besides, we're kinda committed now" Josh replied. "Ok, but don't leave me alone with that guy, he naked angels teen toplist scares amateur toplist russian me" said Brandon. "I know honey, right now he's scarin me a little too, but all and all, Brad is a good guy, he'll behave" Josh replied. They lay there thinking about what had just transpired and were glad that it didn't turn out worse.Josh rolled on his side facing Brandon and said "Making love to you was the hottest sexual experience of my life Brandon." "Do you want to finish it?" asked Brandon. "No honey, that moment was extra special, but now it's over. But we'll do it again soon, ok?" Josh suggested. "k" Brandon replied.Josh and Brandon showered and dressed for the beach party. Brandon used Pete's blow dryer to try to get his hair as close to the way it was when he left the salon as he could. He put toplisten porn on his new yellow, black and white board shorts along with his new muscle shirt. vagina pics toplist Josh came in from the deck where he had been picking up after the night before and Brandon caught his eye. "Shit, you look hot!" Josh exclaimed. Brandon smiled broadly and replied "Thanks!"Josh and Brandon pulled into the 7-11 to fill the cooler with beer before continuing on to Pensacola Beach. Brandon took an active roll in choosing the beer today; he wanted to make sure they got one he really liked. "How bout Bud Light" Brandon suggested. "That'll work" Josh agreed. They purchased a case and some ice. Everyone else would be bringing beer as well, so there would be no shortage. Josh also stopped at the sunglass display and beckoned Brandon. "Let's complete your look dude! Which ones look good?" "Brandon happily picked out a pair of narrow wrap around glasses that complimented the features of his face. "Hot!" announced Josh.When they got to the parking lot at the beach Josh unloaded all of the stuff they needed to haul down, towels, two fold up chairs, sun cream, a couple bags of chips, a jug of water and the ice chest filled with beer. Brandon looked at the mountain of cargo and moaned. "A little bit of work and then we're having fun videos sex toplist all afternoon!" Josh encouraged.When they found Josh's friends on the beach, most of the class was already there. A few were batting around the volleyball; japan toplist xxx others were sitting, talking and drinking beer. "Hey Josh!" Ryan yelled as he saw them coming. "Hey guys!" Josh yelled back as he started to set down his load. He looked over at Brandon and thought he looked like a pack mule as he too began to set down his gear."Ryan, Matt, this is Brandon, my little brother from the mentoring center" Josh introduced. "Hey Brandon! Nice to meet ya!" said Ryan. "Hey dudes!" replied Brandon. Ryan stuck his fist towards Brandon and Brandon completed a `knuckle style' handshake with him. "We're just waitin on a couple more guys" said Ryan."Come on over here Brandon and I'll introduce you to a few more of the guys" Josh suggested. They walked across the volleyball court that Brad, Mark and Tim had set up early that morning. They had captured a perfect spot on the beach, just off the Holiday Inn's property right in front of their famous Beach Bar nudist pics toplist that would be packed all afternoon. The Beach Bar had gigantic concert-style speakers that broadcast music out across the beach. It was the center of activity on Pensacola Beach."Hey everybody! This is Brandon, my little brother from that mentoring thing" Josh introduced. There was a chorus of "Hey Brandon!" nudist toplist free Josh now introduced everybody else "You already know Joe, and this is Mark, Tim, Brad, John, Chris, and Drew. "Hey dudes!" said Brandon. "You'll have to remind me on all those names later!" Brandon joked. "Ya, 14 teens toplist there's 14 of us, that's a bunch to remember!" replied Josh. "Well, Dan said he won't be able to make it, so maybe only 13 of us today" said Tim.Josh and Brandon cracked beers and mingled. Most of the guys had their shirts off and Brandon was amazed at how hot these guys were. adult asian daughter toplist They all had crisp military style haircuts and were all in top physical condition with large defined arms and chests. Brandon took special notice of Brad, the guy who had caught them fucking just a few hours earlier.Brad's face wasn't real good looking, but he had a massively powerful body. Where as toplist clip Josh was muscular in a lean and toned sort of way, Brad was just huge and muscle bound. Though he was probably about Josh's height, he had to have outweighed him by at least 20 pounds. Brad was also had thick dark hair covering his pecks which was an interesting contrast from his high and tight Marine Corp hair cut.Pete came walking up. "So Pete, you decided to join us! How's New Orleans?" yelled Mark. "I figured you'd be here with Ashley" Josh asked Pete. "Na, she was bein a bitch on the trip and then she said she thought we were all a bit too juvenile for her and asked me to drop her off at her house in P-Cola." "That sucks" replied Josh. "No, it's perfect, now I can have some fun!" said Pete.There was a loud whistle and Brad got everybody's attention. "Me and Barf boy here..." Brad was referring to Ryan and the revelation of his air sickness at the Tie Cutting pretenn toplist Friday night, "are going to be the captains and we're going to pick teams." "Let's just play the pilots who have soloed versus those who haven't!" yelled Pete. "That sounds good" agreed Brad, "all of you book worms versus us athletes who are out playin sports instead of studying all the time! And besides, russian teenporn toplist there's more of us than there are of you!" "No, we get Brandon since he's with Josh, and with Dan not here, that will make even teams!" said Ryan. "You ready to play volleyball with these guys?" Josh asked Brandon. "Ya, I played intramural, I can keep up!" replied Brandon."No shirts!" yelled Brad. "If we want to draw some female attention, we gotta show some skin!" Josh and Brandon joined the rest of them by taking their shirts off. Josh grabbed the sun cream and they rubbed it pree teens toplist into their skin. They both helped each other by rubbing the cream on each other's backs.There were two girlfriends plus Joe's wife, Susan, in attendance to `prime the pump' for the desired female cheering section. They volleyed for serve. The solo aviators won and Josh was thrown the ball for the first serve. Josh threw the ball up for an overhand serve. Then the impact of Josh's muscle and momentum sent the ball through the air like a rocket teeny hentai toplist just clearing the net. Mark reacted lightning fast and deflected the ball before it hit the sand. The volleyball shot straight up into the air 20 feet above the court while girls nude toplist Tim adjusted his position for the spike. When the ball came down to a height of about 8 feet, Tim jumped up and pounded the ball down across the net with his fist. The ball hit the sand before anyone on Josh's team could even react."Shit Hot!! Now that's what I'm talkin about!" yelled Brad. Fourteen hot, shirtless guys playing this level of volleyball did start to attract the attention of the other beach goers. Brad caught the ball for the next serve. Once the ball was in play, Brandon had several opportunities to show some decent skill at the game. Josh was pleased; Brandon was looking good, playing good, and obviously having a good time.The music from the Beach Bar blared as the game battled back and forth between the pilots who had flown solo and those who had not. Sweat was glistening off of their rippled muscles. Several girls in bikinis had wandered down to the game and were closely watching the players as uk girls toplist well as the game. It became Game Point and Brad set the ball up for Matt who sent it sailing into the sand on the other side. The non-solos had won the first game 21 to 18!"Let's take a break!" yelled Brad. Brad and Tim stepped over to say hi to a couple of the girls, offering them each a cold beer. Josh and Brandon each got a fresh beer as well. "Are you havin a good time?" asked Josh. "Ya! This is a lot of fun!" answered Brandon. Josh went over to Pete to thank him for the use of his house for the weekend while Ryan and Nick talked with Brandon."You're a cool kid! So you just met Josh in this mentoring thing?" asked Ryan. Brandon wasn't sure if he knew something he wasn't supposed to or perhaps he was just making small talk. "Ya, we just met a few days ago" Brandon stuck to the `official' story. "Well, if you have a girlfriend, you probably won't for long. Josh likes to play the field so he'll have you around a bunch of girls all the time!" Ryan added. "No, I don't have a girlfriend" Brandon replied. "That's cool! Sometimes girls are a drag" said Ryan.A couple of high school girls got Nick's attention. "Hey girls!" said Nick. "Hey! We were wonderin if you would introduce us to ur friend!" one of the girls said giggling. "Sure, which one?" replied Nick. "That dude there, with the long hair" she replied referring to Brandon. "Sure!" Nick replied "Hey Brandon! Come over here" he called out. Ryan appeared to be a little disappointed as Brandon turned and started running towards Nick. Brandon looked over and realized that Nick was standing there with two girls more Brandon's age. Suddenly he was a bit apprehensive, but was committed so he continued running till he was standing with Nick. "Ladies, this is Brandon, and you are?" Nick asked for their names. "Hi, I'm Lainey and this is Dawn" she said shyly. "Hey" said Brandon. "Hey dude, I gotta go get a beer, I'll catch up to ya later" said Nick before he ran off leaving Brandon with the two girls.Brandon's conversation with the girls was a bit awkward at first but then he realized that even though these girls were older than him, they thought he was way cooler than any girls had ever thought about him before. It must have been a combination his new haircut, the cool shorts, his sunglasses, and the group of really cool older guys he was hanging with."So who are all you guys?" Dawn asked. "Those guys are all Navy pilots and they're just my buds" Brandon said nonchalantly. "How did you meet them?" she inquired. "I met them all through that dude over there who's a good friend of mine" Brandon pointed out Josh who had just noticed that Brandon had a couple of female admirers. Josh smiled at him and gave him a thumbs up.Where do you go to school? asked Lainey. "Pine Forest High" the lie left Brandon's lips before he had time to consider the possibility that these girls might go to Pine Forest as well. "Cool, we go to Washington" said Dawn. "ah, saved by pure dumb luck!" thought Brandon to himself. He thought it was cool that these girls believed he was a high school student. The aviators all saw Brandon talking to these girls and thought he was a little stud working the girls just like they did. Josh was pleased. His friends already thought Brandon was a cute, cool toplist yr kid, but now they saw he was a chick magnet too... his stock went up even a few points higher."So how was New Orleans?" Josh asked Pete. "Man, that's a partyin town! Too bad I was there with the bitch!" Pete replied. "Why, what did she do?" Josh inquired. "Aw, she just didn't let me have any fun. When you go just go with the guys, or hey, you should take Brandon down there!" Pete suggested. "Isn't it all bars and stuff Brandon couldn't do?" Josh asked. "Fuck, they serve drinks on the street, and there's a few bars that wouldn't even care if he went in. After all it is the `Big Easy'!" laughed Pete. "Ya, maybe, that might be cool to take Brandon." Josh agreed."Let's play another game!" yelled Ryan. The aviators started moving back to their appropriate sides of the net. "Hey Brandon! Take this spot over here by me!" Ryan suggested.The volleyball battle resumed, only this time with a cheering section of bikinied girls. Mid-game, Brandon toplist free galleries nude was up on the net across from Tim. Tim probably had six inches on him, so Brandon knew he would have to play hard and jump high. Brad popped the ball high in the air and it was coming down on the net between Tim and Brandon. "Brandon, it's yours dude!" yelled Ryan. Tim saw that it was on his side and decided to go low to set the ball up back to Brad. Brandon jumped high, got one finger on the ball and deflected it from Tim. Tim jumped over to get it, but it hit the sand. "Yaaaa! Brandon's the man!!" yelled Ryan as he high-5 slapped Brandon's hand. Brandon glanced over to Josh and caught an approving smile. "Yeah Brandon!!!" Dawn and Lainey cheered from the sideline as they jumped up and down and clapped their hands.The solo pilots ending up winning this game leaving the series even. They called another break and the aviators got fresh beers and resumed talking to the ladies. Dawn and Lainey were right back on Brandon. "That was a really good play!" Lainey complemented. Brandon felt more popular at this moment than he ever had in school. Ryan came over and joined Brandon and the girls.Brandon looked Ryan over. Ryan was a tight little package. Quite a bit shorter hot world teens toplist than toplist 12yr the other aviators, he was only a little taller than Brandon. Ryan had a completely hairless chest that not did boast huge pecs, but rather just really hard, little, defined ones. His arms, once again were not huge, but Brandon could see the outline of every muscle in them. "Ya, Ryan is definitely hot, but why is he interested in these high school girls?" Brandon thought to himself.They continued chatting and Brandon suddenly had a thought that Ryan wasn't flirting with the girls, Ryan might be flirting with him! No, certainly he must be misinterpreting the clues. Ryan stood facing him, not the girls. He was looking Brandon up and down, not the girls. He would laugh at and take great interest in illegal boy toplist what Brandon had to say, not what the girls were saying. And that smile Ryan kept throwing Brandon's way just kept catching his eye!From a distance, Josh began to notice what was happening as well and he didn't like it. Josh had chased enough boys in his life in seemingly `straight' environments to know what it looked like. And right now, it looked like Ryan was interested in Brandon! "God, is my class just a bunch of closet homos?" Josh thought to himself. Josh thought it was cool that the girls were hitting on Brandon; that was just good for Brandon's ego and Josh knew they were no threat, angel teens toplist but Ryan, that was different! Ryan was a little hottie, Josh himself had had his eye on Ryan since the first day of Aviation Indoctrination. If Ryan truly was attracted to Brandon, that was competition!Josh decided to wander over and break this little flirt-a-thon up. "Hey Brandon, nice game!" said Josh. "Ya, now we tied those fuckers!" Brandon tried to catch it before it slipped out of his mouth. He had been working so hard that day to keep his language in check. "Ya, Brandon made the play of the game!" Ryan bragged. "He's toplist pic fuck my boyfriend to brag about!" Josh thought to himself now getting a little angry."So Brandon, do you wanna go up to the snack bar with me and get a burger?" asked Josh. "Sure Josh, I'll see you all in a bit" Brandon said farewell to Ryan and the girls. Dawn and Lainey even noticed the subtle battle for Brandon's attention. They were too nave to pick up on the homosexual undertone of it all, so they just thought that these two older Navy pilots thought enough about Brandon that they would compete for his friendship. To the girls, this made Brandon irresistible!"Josh! I'm having such a good time" said Brandon. "Everyone is so nice to me, even Brad! And the girls think I'm hot. And Ryan thinks I'm valuable to the team! It's like I've stepped out of my life and into somebody else's for the day" Brandon exclaimed. "I don't think that's the only thing Ryan thinks you're valuable for!" Josh scoffed. "What d ya mean?" Brandon replied. "I mean he's fuckin droolin over you! Didn't you sex photo toplist notice?" Josh yelled angrily."Shit Josh, it's not my fault!" Brandon defended himself. "Why are you gettin so upset bout this, you didn't seem to mind that Brad wanted to fuck me?" Brandon added. "Do you think he's cute?" Josh shot out. "Whaat?" Brandon squeaked. "Ryan! Do you think he's cute?" Josh repeated. "Well, ya" Brandon answered honestly. "That's what I'm upset about!" Josh replied. Brandon took Josh's hand into his. "Josh, you mean so much to me, I would never run off with Ryan!"Josh let go of Brandon's hand and put his arm around Brandon's shoulder. Then he pulled Brandon towards him and kissed him on top of his head. "I love you Brandon" he said. Ryan had started up to the snack bar shortly pre toplist nude pics after Josh and Brandon hoping to catch them as they ordered. He was too far away to hear what they said, but he saw the hand hold followed by the hug and kiss. He decided to back off at that moment until he figured out exactly what was going on."Pete thinks you toplist girls nudes and I should go to New Orleans together" said Josh. "That would be cool!" Brandon replied. He had never been outside the panhandle of Florida or Southern Alabama. "Shit, that's even a couple states away!" added Brandon. "Actually it's three states away, you gotta go through Alabama and Mississippi before you get to Louisiana, but it's only about a four hour drive" said Josh. "Shit I'm ready to go any time!" said Brandon. "We'll have to talk to your mom about it. She might feel differently about New Orleans than she does the nude preeteen toplist beach. It's a big dangerous city" Josh added."Championship game!!!" yelled Brad and the aviators started putting their beers down and getting ready to play again. A couple of them were getting a little drunk, so the quality of play might not be what it was. Josh stuck right by Brandon's side as they retook their places on the court. Ryan noticed this and just took an open spot a few players away from both of them.The last thing Ryan wanted to do was upset Josh. Ryan admired Josh more than any of the other guys because Josh seemed to have it all; he was a gifted aviator-top of their class, he had a nice car, he had looks, and he had a personality that very one loved. Ryan had never really felt like he belonged in this group. He was smaller than the rest of them, not as good an athlete, and now it had even come to light that he had spent his first month in the airplane throwing up the whole time, earning him the nickname Barf Boy. But through it all, Josh was the one guy that had always treated him well, always including him, never calling him names. petite girl toplist Josh was the one guy in the class that he really would like to become good friends with.The ball went flying back and forth across the net, but everyone was a bit more sluggish than they had been earlier in the afternoon. The aviators began to just hit the ball over the net themselves, rather than attempt any fancy set-ups blue teens toplists for their buddies. In the end, Brad's team, the pilots that had yet to fly solo, won the game. He was right; overall they were the larger, more athletic guys in the class.Dawn and Lainey took a couple of pictures with Brandon and then rape pics toplist managed to squeeze his phone number out of him. Josh chuckled to himself that now Brandon had the same problem as he had last week. That phone was going to ring, and what was he going to do about it. Making the problem worse, Brandon had two girls competing with each other over him!They packed up the stuff and said their goodbyes. The guys all thought Brandon was cool and made sure that he and Josh knew that Brandon was invited to all class events. Brandon carried his heavy load back to the car without complaint, he couldn't have been happier with the day."So Josh, I tried really hard to keep my cussin legal cp toplist under control today" Brandon sought acknowledgement for his hard work. "I noticed dude! You were just so totally cool today that if I wasn't already ur boyfriend, I would be tryin to be!" Josh replied. "It was just so easy to be cool toplist littel girl Josh, everybody liked me and was nice to me, and those girls just thought I was one of you cool guys. I just had a really good time!" Brandon relived the highlights of the afternoon."So how come they call Ryan `Barf Boy'" Brandon asked on the drive home. Josh laughed "cuz he was airsick all the time his on-wing instructor was teaching him how to fly. Hopefully he's over that now, cuz we got aerobatics coming up and they won't let him fly airsick through that stage." "And you don't like Ryan?" Brandon asked. "No, actually I like him a lot. As a matter of fact, I had my eye on him before I met you sweetie. But, I just don't want him to get any ideas about you. You're my boyfriend and I'm gonna keep it that way!" Josh replied."Sounds like I should be the one df toplist boy getting jealous!" laughed Brandon. "Well maybe that came out wrong" defended Josh. "I'll admit that Ryan's a lil hottie, but I've got you babe, and my eyes are only on you now" Josh continued. Brandon smiled. Josh pulled his visor down and he drove out onto the bridge as the sun was setting to the west.---------------------------------I always enjoy any comments you may have.The offer for a photograph of Brandon remains open for anyone that may have missed it before. Email me your request. (it's the same photo offered in previous chapters)
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